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"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be."  John Wooden

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Sustainable-Ag Solutions ®  P.O. Box 1529, Eustis, FL  32727
Sustainable Ag Solutions provides growers (of all sizes) the best products and services along with the latest information that will help them become the grower they are striving to be. We provide service and products for sustainable, organic and conventional growers. Every product we recommend has been tested by us in our on testing fields. We work with our products growing crops, check taste, production, easy of application and cost effectiveness. Every product we carry has to meet our standards or we can not recommend that item to our customers. Our goal is to help you improve your soil and plant health thus giving you better quality crops which will help you become more profitable. We pride ourselves on providing specialized programs to meet your individual needs. A healthy soil contains a large (A cupful of healthy soil will contain a microbial population that exceeds the number of people on the entire planet.) complex of diverse microbial life. Without such diversity, soil and plants suffer, allowing insects and disease to make a home in your crops, lawns or gardens. We take pride in what we do and sell because we know our customers depend on us to help them succeed. The soils must be preserved for future generations; the goal should be for science to work with Nature not replace it. 

Over the past 70 years, increased applications of fertilizer and chemicals have destroyed the soil's biological diversity resulting in increased costs for the grower due to the lack of protection that would have been provided by a healthy microbial life.  A healthy soil contains both baceteria, fungi and protozoa that live symbiotically in the soil with plant and root systems.  These beneficial life forms create a healthy soil structure, thus increasing nutrient availability, water and air flow and protection against pests and diseases.  

Let us show you how to reduce fertilizer cost while increasing production and profit.  Over-use of fertlizers and chemicals destroy the soil and limit profitability. 

What is Sustainable Agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture utilizes practices that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs; therefore, stewardship of both natural and human resources is of prime importance.  In sustainable systems, the soil is viewed as a fragile and living medium that must be protected and nurtured to ensure its long-term productivity and stability. Methods to protect and enhance the productivity of the soil include using compost teas, compost and/or manures, reducing tillage, avoiding traffic on wet soils, and maintaining soil cover with plants and/or mulches.  In sustainable farming programs you will see nutrients being produced naturally by way of microbial life forms converting organic matter into usable plant food. This biological life will help protect plants against root disease along with harmful predator insects. 
Sustainable-Ag Solutions is located in Central Florida with an office and warehouse in Eustis.

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We carry a great line of products and services and we are adding new products as they complete our testing process. Currently we have:

Foundation – Natural mined “Ancient Humus” found in the Southeastern USA. The deposit is a unique natural blend of organic matter that is a natural home to one of the largest counts of beneficial soil microbes.

Mother Nature’s Compost—This is our own custom-blended compost that uses the right ratio of raw organics to produce a compost rich with beneficial soil microbes. 

Azomite -A natural mined rock dust from Utah that contains over 70 minerals that are beneficial for plant, animal and humans. 

Phosphite – One of the best fertilizers and fungicides on the market. This can be applied foliar to reduce waste and increase production at a lower cost. 

GROCAL MGB11.25% Ca, 7% N, 2.5% Mg, .07% B The best liquid Calcium on the market. 

Potassium Silicate- 6.0% K and 13.00% Si02  Potassium silicate is a Nutrient, plant protector preventing insects.