Back Ground
back ground
cabaage grown in Compost
Corn Field
Azomite Treaded Orange grove
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Photo Gallery
Blueberry side by side Left not treated  Right treated with Foundation
Blueberries right treated with Foundation. Left was not. 
Blueberry Root mass side by side Right treated with Foundation. Left was not.
Blueberries in tray house, right side was treated with Foundation. Left was not.
Tomatoes grown on Mother Nature's Compost; 7 weeks from cell pack. 
This is compost being made at our Edgewater location. Azomite is being added.. 

Blueberries grown using Foundation. 

Spraying Citrus groves. Feed soil microbes. Once microbes growing and food source is in place they will produce all plant food needed for citrus trees. No fertilizers will be needed.