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Gro-Cal MGB
Potassium Silicate

Gro-Cal MGB
Unique qualities of Gro-Cal MGB

Calcium is not very mobile in the soil, or in plant tissue, therefore a continuous supply is essential. Once Calcium is fixed it can not move to new growth. Young growth is easy prey for insect or fungus: protect plants with weekly applications of Gro-Cal MGB.

11% Calcium, 7% Nitrogen, 2% Magnesium, 0.07% Boron
.•Weight of 11.5 pounds per gallon and 4.5 pH
Formulation process allows for quick absorption 
Proper cell division and elongation
Proper cell wall development
Nitrate uptake and metabolism
Enzyme activities that help protect plants from disease. 
Starch metabolism
Low pH makes it mix well with other chemicals 
Easy of application 
Spray or Chemigation
Does not discolor foliage 
Strengths cell walls making fungus harder to attach to the plant
Application rate of 1pt -1 qt per acre  
Cost per acre is low as $1.65  
​Post harvest shelf life is improved 
Fern with High Tissue Calcium over 1.5 %

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Price 2.5 gallon $76.00
case or 5 gallons $140.00
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